Gus is a Standard Schnauzer born December 18, 2012. Gus is a male and should be about 40 pounds when full grown. Dr. Campbell and Carolyn, his wife, picked Gus up March 3rd. The story starts there.

Gus, short for Gustoff, with his brothers and sister. Less than 1 week old. (Gus is wearing red)

Gus after dinner, about 3 weeks old. Still nursing but eating a little solid food.

Gus with “Mom and Dad” 1st day in new home.

Gus is not too sure of what to make of new home. After a couple of hours he thought “This is not such a bad place!”.

He rides to work with Dr. C. and usually stays the day.

He enjoys hanging out with dad at the office and visiting with the girls. Gus is 4 1/2 months old now (May 7) and weighs 28 pounds. He’s not particular fond of baths but holds still and doesn’t shake till outside. He is doing much better at house training, likes his crate, and has lost all his front incissor “baby” teeth. First hair cut is coming soon!

Gus earns his “keep” at the office. He works in our Human Resources Dept., in charge of morale.

Gus is now grown and middle-age! He is a very happy boy who loves to play and never stops moving! He loves coming to the office with his dad because there are always girls here to play tug-a-war with him. Thankfully Gus was very comfortable in staying at the office, when Dr. C and Carolyn (his wife) was a major automobile accident. February 15,2017 they were both Care Flighted to Miami Valley Hospital. During their extended stay and rehabilitation, Gus was well taken care of by the staff. Gus finally was reunited with his family in May 2017. He spent many hours on Dr.C’s hospital bed watching TV and napping. Today he loves car rides and visiting the staff at the office.

Gus’s Angels.