New entrance and reception area! A seperate entrance and exit allows a smoother traffic flow and less contact between animals. The waiting area also offers more room and a comfortable seat while you wait for the Dr. to see you. You will probably notice the unique floor in the hospital. This is a seamless urethane product laid out as a liquid, with color coordinated paint chips added for design and a slip resistant floor covering. No seams or joints aids in our ability to sanitize all areas of the hospital. Check-in is located near the entrance door. Cashier and check out is on the backside of the reception cubicle.

From the check in area, you will be taken to one of three identical exam rooms that are ADA accessible, spacious and roomy enough for several people and their pets. The lab/pharmacy is directly behind the three exam rooms, allowing easy access to all of your pets outpatient needs.
The lab/pharmacy is well lighted, spacious, well stocked, and easily accesses the three exam rooms. Quality control with three points of validation helps ensure accurate prescriptions and injections.
The prep area is used for all surgery prep, treatments, EKG’s, dental procedures, and anesthesia induction. Radiology is immediately off of this area. This is a central point of our inpatient part of hospital. From this area, we can observe the surgery suite, hospital/caging area, and radiology.
Our surgery suite is equipped with new state of the art surgery lights. ECG, blood pressure, and oxygen concentration are monitored. Your pet’s vitals, including respiratory rate, pulse, heart rate, and depth of anesthesia are monitored and recorded by trained assistants, until recovered.
This is a view of the hospital/cage area from the prep area. We can observe all the pets that are hospitalized and monitor their recovery. Two closed circuit cameras can be monitored in Dr. Campbell’s office, as well as other locations throughout the hospital. Via the internet and smart phone technology, all the clinics cameras can be monitored off-site.