One Year Anniversary Party!

From top left: The Tar Heel Boys bluegrass band; Dr. C listening to the band; Sarah, our “Great Pumpkin”, Alaina and Heather; the ‘Canine Cadence Obedience Drill Team show off their routine; the staff watches as the drill team performs; Bekah and Alaina giving tours of our building; and Kelly and Kim running the raffle table.

Dog Days of Summer – 2013

Preventative Prices

Looking to buy flea, tick and heartworm control? Did you know with our prices, selection, rebates and guarantees, you will not find a better deal anywhere else?! If you buy any of the products we have else where, you may not be getting the same product. Most of the companies that make heartworm, flea and tick control, will not honor any guarantee on their products if not bought from a veterinarian’s office. Plus, you get friendly services from the most knowledgable clinic around! We have all the best products you have come to love! We have Heartgard Plus and Frontline Plus, which we have had for years, and some new products for us such as Parastar, Parastar Plus, and Trifexis. We are also excited to have Sentinel back, which is just like Interceptor, but with an added bonus! Check out Dr. C’s chart by clicking “Heartworm & Flea Control Choices” on the right! Call or stop by with questions and to pick up products to keep your pet safe!

Our booth with trailer, that we modified to do Heartworm tests

Looking out the trailer into WoofStock

The side of our trailer – proud to be “Springfield’s Pet Care Leader!”

Dr. Campbell and Alaina working our booth

WoofStock 2013

Dr. Campbell and Katelin during his presentation

Your 2013 WoofStock staff!