VETERINARY SERVICES OF SPRINGFIELD is a full service animal hospital, offering preventative health care, radiology, hospitalization, x-ray, dental and surgical services.

Physical Exams and Vaccinations:
Both annual and semi-annual routine well visits, and sick calls can be scheduled 6 days a week. Vaccinations are custom planned for your pets needs. Reminders for boosters are sent both by email and thru the post office. Ophthalmologic exams with retinal exams, glaucoma screening, and corneal evaluations are also available.

Surgeries are offered for sterilization, soft tissue disease, orthopedic conditions, and biopsy/removal of suspected tumors. Each patient is monitored with EKG, pulse oximetry, and core body temperature during the procedure. While anesthetized they are monitored and logged for heart, pulse, and respiratory rate. Depth of anesthesia is closely accessed. Most surgeries are performed as outpatient surgeries, and once released, they are able to walk out of the office on their own. Dr. Campbell feels, like most human surgeons, that surgical lasers are best reserved for ablation therapy.

Radiographs are done in house. With cooperation of the pet, often they can be done during an extended exam appointment. If sedation is needed or a more complicated radiographic procedure is required, they are scheduled on an outpatient basis.

Dental procedures are done under light, general anesthesia. Prophylaxis and extractions can be done in one visit. Gingival disease may require an additional scheduled procedure.

Laboratory and Diagnostic Procedures:
Many routine laboratory procedures are done in office, with results ready during your visit or later that same day. Pathology, bacterial cultures, and more complicated blood testing are sent to a reference laboratory. Results from the reference laboratory are generally retrieved on line the next business morning.

A pharmacy is on premise, and medicines are sent home with your pet. Prescribed medications and directions are permanently logged in our computer system. Each prescription is triple checked and approved by the veterinarian to insure accuracy. A 24 hour notice is required to help us meet State Board of Pharmacy regulations. Thank you for your cooperation.

Emergency Services:
We do provide emergency services during normal business hours at our practice. However, we do request that you call before bringing your pet to the office. We want to be sure we are ready and able to attend the case. If your pet is in need of care after hours, please call our office number and you will be given instructions on how to proceed.

While in our hospital, your pet will be monitored as needed for their health and safety by our trained staff. If staying with us for an extended period of time, they will be provided daily meals. We encourage you to call and receive daily updates on your pet. Visitation is encouraged, but scheduling visits is required.

We accept all major credit cards, cash and checks. Payment at time of visit is required.

Need help getting to and from your vehicle? Please let us know when you make your appointment or once you have parked call us at (937) 399-8934 and we will assist you and your pet (please, must be a non-aggressive pet!!!!).